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Gemma Levitas

Personal Development Coach & Mentor

             Gemma Levitas MBACP, FPC 

PsychotherapistPersonal Development Coach | Life Coach

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Mindset and Mentality

We combine the solution based, goal oriented approach of coaching with the empathic, supportive insight of therapy.

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At Mindset and Mentality we offer Therapeutic Coaching; an empowering, dynamic approach that blends the best of both worlds from coaching and mental health support.

Therapeutic Coaching combines the solution-based, goal-oriented approach of coaching with the empathic, supportive, insightful work of therapy, delivered by a dual trained practitioner who is both a qualified Coach and trained Psychotherapist/Counsellor.


By blending these two approaches, clients can achieve their goals more quickly and effectively, while also gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their challenges.


If you're looking for a way to overcome obstacles and achieve your full potential, therapeutic coaching may be just what you need.



Here's some of what we offer:

Mindset and Mentality Logo
Mindset and Mentality Logo

Mindset and Mentality Masterclasses

Want to know more about how to relate to others better and use positive connection and the power of influence for greater effectiveness?

1:1 Therapeutic Coaching

If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, difficult relationships or are concerned that things aren't feeling right, get in touch.

Leadership Coaching & skills development

Helping Leaders, executives & individuals take their effectiveness to the next level with a combination of Coaching expertise and therapeutic knowledge. 

Therapists & Coaches

Are you a therapist wishing to expand into coaching? Or a Coach wanting to integrate therapeutic technique in your work?

Get in touch.

Gemma Levitas is the Founder and CEO here at Mindset and Mentality. Find out more about Gemma here. Gemma's work has been Featured in:
Management Today Article
Daily Express Article
Therapy Today magazine Article

Read more about the benefits of Therapeutic Coaching in Gemma Levitas recent article for 

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Gemma  helps people to communicate better. 

In her article for The Daily Express & Daily Mirror newspapers, she shares tips on how to keep your relationship fresh and re-meet your partner:

Lost connection with your Partner?
Try re-meeting them.

Relationship and Connection newspaper Article
Communication & Relationships article

"Re-meeting your Partner" is a process Gemma created and uses in her work with those wanting to encourage or rediscover connection in their relationship. It includes 7 ways to improve:​

  • Communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Trust

  • Boundaries

  • Empathy

  • Intimacy (both sexual and non-sexual)

  • Unity


The bonus is, following these 7 tips will encourage the brain to release oxytocin, the bonding hormone! So, as with much of Gemma's work, there's science behind it too. 

Click to read the full feature:

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