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Feeling Overwhelmed? Heres what to do.

It's unsurprising that you might be feeling overwhelmed at times.

Overwhelm means different things to different people but the symptoms are usually the same. We are hard on ourselves when we wish to get on with things but can't find a way out of feeling stuck - we tend to self-blame and self-shame, which only makes it worse.

Overwhelm is an opportunity for action.

The first thing to do is shift your focus away from feeling dragged down by overwhelm. See overwhelm as an opportunity for action. This mindset shift is a powerful tool in helping you out of the sense of stuckness that overwhelm brings.

Overwhelm is simply a lack of clarity.

Because overwhelm is an opportunity for action, revisit your goals and plans. Clarify them by using these tips:

  • Use time management and prioritise tasks. Sort tasks into immediate action, medium term action and long term goals.

  • Give yourself deadlines. Schedule reminders of those deadlines. Most of us are deadline driven, we might hate them but we need them.

  • Review your goals everyday. Yes. EVERYDAY. Things change quickly so you should be refining your goals frequently.

  • Take daily action. Do something everyday (however small) thats aligned with your goal.

  • Audit your distractions. What/who is distracting you? Do you need to put some boundaries in place to preserve your time and energy?

  • Activate your inner resourcefulness. Overwhelm is a prompt to connect with your inner resourcefulness.

  • Stimulate your inner resourcefulness with questions. Ask yourself: Who can I call that might be able to advise/support/guide me? Is there some research I can do? Who do I know that has worked through a similar situation to mine? Who can I brainstorm solutions/ideas with? A problem shared is a problem halved.

  • Be flexible in your thinking. Once you begin to be solution focused in your thinking, the anxiety will begin to lift. This is because you are activating the problem solving part of your brain. Activating your resourcefulness is key to this.

  • Prioritise your health. Fuel your body with clean food. Sleep. Drink water. Take breaks. This sounds obvious but are you doing it? You should be. It is VITAL and you will do BETTER.

You can overcome overwhelm. Try these actions, get your overwhelm working for you and see it as a prompt for clarity and action.

if you have any Q's or want more tools for overcoming overwhelm, get in touch! Always here to help.


Gemma x

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