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Supporting under-represented groups in accessing Creative Industries

Proud Partner with UAL
University of the Arts London

Proud to partner with UAL's Creative Shift team (Careers and Employability) to support those from under-represented groups access Creative Industries. I provide leadership, communication and soft skills workshops to help graduates and undergraduates flourish in the world of work. 

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By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be made up of millenials.

The 2021 Deloitte Millennial Survey shows that 34% of millenials and 38% of Gen Zs believe racism in the workplace is systemic.

Because discrimination can become embedded in organisations over time, 3 in 5 respondents agree that positive change will come from the top down - from a change in attitude and actions from those in power.

Millenials are keen to work for companies that are aligned with their values, with 44% of millenials and 49% of Gen Zs saying they've made choices about the organisations they're willing to work for based on their personal ethics. This is a staggering statistic. Young people are aligned with their values and beliefs more than ever and are keen this is reflected in their choice of workplace.

I believe that Creative Industries would like to be part of the solution. The work i'm doing with Universities and businesses are part of the answer.

Three Coworkers


More Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Industry, not just in the Creative Industries but all Industry. 

The vision is simple, but there is work to do. 

Get in touch to find out more about the work i'm doing with graduates, under-graduates and career starters. I'm always happy to share thoughts and ideas, I welcome collaborative thinking.

If you'd like to discuss working with me, or would like to know more about the workshop and training packages I offer, feel free to email me at


Three Coworkers
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