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Are you a Coach who is thinking if training as a therapist, or a therapist who is wishing to work as a coach? 

Hi, i'm Gemma. I'm the founder & CEO here at Mindset and Mentality and a dual trained practitioner / Therapeutic Coach. I've been working in this way for over a decade and have watched as more and more people connect with Therapeutic Coaching as a method. Fellow practitioners approach me for many reasons as they're often interested in how I weave the therapeutic & coaching elements of my work together. They are interested in learning more and possibly doing the same.

Therapeutic Coaching works by combining the solution based, goal oriented approach of coaching with the empathic, supportive, insightful work of therapy.

Maybe you would like to expand into coaching but are unsure how to go about it.

Perhaps you're uncertain about which direction to take your career in, or maybe you're in training and are thinking of your next steps. 

Whatever the case, let's talk.

I will share my insights and knowledge of working as a Therapeutic Coach and help you to build your offering.


We can explore how you can adopt this way of working in your own practice and talk through what it is you need to do in order to set up in this exciting, pioneering field of work.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Are you a Therapist or a Coach?
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