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"I chose to work with Gemma because she has quite a unique combination of skills - coaching and therapy - I liked being able to move between the two approaches seamlessly depending on what I needed that week. I started working with Gemma during an incredibly difficult period of my life and she provided the gentle, caring support I so needed.

I looked forward to our sessions as she created a safe and reliable space in which to share the hardest parts of my struggle. She helped me to get clear about what was going on in my head and in my heart, how to heal, move on and create structures to support myself in the future.

After 12 weeks of working with Gemma I felt rebuilt, affirmed, understood, seen and encouraged - I was strong again and ready to take on the world." 

Gemma, Business Owner 

"From Gemma’s profile I could tell I was going to relate and connect with her really well. Her combination of therapy and coaching was exactly what I was looking for and within moments of our first conversation, I felt positive and relieved to have the help I was in need of.

Gemma is empathetic, constructive and her approach to the sessions left me with confidence for my future pathways with tools to help guide me and a sense of ease that was much needed. I look forward to continue working with her."

Leah, Entrepreneur

"My experience with Gemma was excellent, we broke down many elements as to what I was looking to achieve. Those subtle changes, made all the difference."

Alex Over, Music Producer & Podcaster 

"With Gemma's kindness and empathic support, I was able to navigate through some extremely hard times and the myriad of issues associated with them.

She has a natural way of helping you find the solutions to stubborn obstacles.

A great help at a time most needed."

AB, Lawyer

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