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How do you support employee mental health in 2024?

Whether working from home or back in the office, employee mental health is paramount. 

Work Anxiety is prevalent. 


Poor mind health in the workplace cost the UK economy £102bn in 2023*

Work absence cost the UK 138bn last year**.


Mental wellbeing in the workplace is more valued by todays generation than ever - with 72% of 18-24 year olds saying mental health benefits were important when deciding whether to stay with an employer.


So what if there was a way to slash the cost of sick leave, support employees mental health and boost productivity and well-being?


Mindset Drop-In aims to do just that.

Mindset drop-in helps individuals, organisations and employees reap the benefits of improved performance and well-being at work. It works to boost confidence, mindset and productivity, sharing tools and strategies to help people perform with clarity, focus and confidence.

Prioritising well-being is vital to the health of any business. Employees experiencing stress/burnout are less likely to perform well. They're 13% less confident in their performance and are less likely to ask for help. This can quickly lead to a negative cycle, because feelings of incompetence effect confidence and decision making. The negative cycle builds leaving employers in the dark with a large absentee rate.


With the right support, this negative cycle is entirely avoidable.


Mindset drop-in service can work for people in all kinds of roles. 

A therapeutic coach can quickly recognise difficulties that might be contributing to performance issues. They share transformational tools and strategies to help people access and step into their personal power. 


Mindset drop-in works for anyone, from Employees, Executives and Managers to Directors and CEOs. 

A Mindset drop-in session coaches for effectiveness, taking into account company ethos, ethics and vision. Sessions can be held weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your unique needs. They can be online or in person at your place of work.

To know more about Mindset drop-in, let's talk! Email us at

*source: AXA 

**Source: Vitality

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