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Psychotherapy and Coaching. How does it work?

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy provides a confidential, empathic, non-judgemental space in which to talk about your thoughts and feelings. Your therapist is there to listen and work with you to help you understand more about yourself and your relationships.  


Together with your therapist, you think about how your past experience influences the present, particularly your emotional life, relationships, choices and behaviour, enabling you to gain insight and perspective into your situation and support you in moving forward. 

The therapuetic and Coaching relationship is unique in that the focus is on you. It helps you to gain insight into your internal world, helping you to self reflect and acquire a better understanding of yourself and your perception of the world around you. 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy explores the client's internal world. It is explorative work in which the client is able to talk freely about what is in their mind. The aim of the work is to bring unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviour into consciousness in an effort to relieve psychic tension. The Life Coaching element is that in our work together we will also share tools and strategies for change, to enable you to move forward in your life. 

Clients come to a Therapeutic Coach seeking change and that is what we work on together. Every individual's life situation has its own complexity, so my Life Coaching & therapeutic experience supports our work. 

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