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Feeling stuck?
Unable to move forward?

Are you feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed?


Perhaps your dreams or wishes seem out of reach or you have lost enthusiasm for them. Maybe you are feeling as if you don't know yourself, or that you can't make a decision.

Alternatively, perhaps you have come to a point where you feel like you don't actually know what it is that you want at all, and are feeling fed up.


What if there was a way of working, that helped you navigate towards the future you wish for?

I help people find their way. In my work as a Therapeutic Coach, I help you to reconnect with yourself. We work to discover a way forward by exploring the subconscious thoughts, beliefs and patterns you hold, because if you are feeling stuck in life, we need to dig a little deeper to understand why. 

All of your experiences from childhood until now, influence the choices you make.


Much of this influence is subconscious, meaning that it is outside of your day to day conscious awareness.



Nevertheless, your subconscious mind is your most powerful influencer.


Part of the work that we will do together is to explore your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and patterns to see how they are impacting upon your life because once you begin to understand yourself, you can start to take control of your life. 


In this mentorship programme we will work together to uncover the subconscious processes that powerfully influence your life, because after all, you are your most powerful tool. 

Leah, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Gemma is empathic, constructive and her approach to the sessions left me with confidence for my future pathways with tools to help guide me and a sense of  ease that was much needed. 

AB, Lawyer

With Gemma's kindness and empathic support, I was able to navigate through some extremely hard times and the myriad of issues associated with them. She has a natural way of helping you find the solutions to stubborn obstacles. A great help at a time most needed.

Get out of feeling Stuck.

Clients come to me from all walks of life. Because the truth is, no matter who you are or where you find yourself, we all get stuck sometimes.


In this programme, we will work to connect you with your inner world and help you to align with yourself so that you can move forward from feeling stuck with a sense of purpose. It is a process of discovery but also action, and we will do this together in a nurturing, supportive environment.

The 6 month Rewrite Your Future mentorship will help you to:

Connect with a sense of purpose and attract abundance in your life

Bypass Fear of Failure and crush the Perfection Illusion

Uncover the limiting beliefs and internal fears that are sabotaging your progress

Free you from self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome

Drop the need for external validation and align with yourself in pursuit of your goals

Formulate a plan for your compelling future

What do I get with my 6 month Mentorship?

2 x 30 minute one-to-one mentorship sessions with me, per month.


Access to me via Facebook Messenger/Instagram DM for the whole six months.

30 minute onboarding Welcome call with me

Are you ready to move past feeling stuck?

In this mentorship, your investment in yourself is just £97 per month, for six months. The reason why we have two sessions per month is to keep momentum in our work together. When you sign-up, you also get a 30 minute welcome call with me.

I created this personal mentorship for those who would like to move forward from feeling stuck. We will go deeper, working on your fears and anxieties around making changes. 

This mentorship requires working in depth to reveal the internal obstacles that are blocking your pathway to progress. And, if you are seeking transformation in your life and are willing to believe that change is possible, then this could be for you. I have tried to make it as accessible as possible, at a fraction of the usual cost so that anyone can benefit from the power of personal mentoring with me.

To ensure you have the best possible support during your mentorship, I only work with 20 people this way at any one time. Registration is open now:

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