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Returning to the workplace

Are you an Employer or Team Leader thats worried about how your people are going to settle back in after working from home?


Perhaps you are concerned that some staff members might feel uncertain about being back, that performance might be effected or that anxiety about returning to the workplace could spread amongst the workforce?

Are you anxious about what the post-lockdown return to work means for your employees well-being?

Let's change that.

I offer one to one sessions with Business Leaders & Executives, sharing tools and strategies to help everyone settle back into a productive working environment. I also run a 2 hour Reintegration Workshop as a way of re-introducing colleagues to one another, to reconnect them and get them sharing and working as collaborators.

Office Building

Many employees feel apprehensive about returning to the office and sharing a workspace again, yet we are wired by evolution to connect to others for wellbeing and survival. If we can activate that part of ourselves that seeks connection and apply it in the workplace, everyone benefits.

My Reintegration Workshop helps relax people into working together again, opens up a space in which they can share their experiences and reinforce the energy and connection that is conducive to a productive working environment. 

I use exercises and guided discussions as a way of opening up a space for your team to share their experiences and thoughts. Science shows us that connection to others is number 1 in influencing our personal happiness and this workshop is designed to help establish trust, empathy and communication among the team. 

Go Team

My Reintegration Workshop is a step by step planned session involving exercises and discussion to reconnect your people to their place of work and each other.


If you you have any questions, or would like to know more about easing yourself or your workforce back into the workplace, get in touch for a chat.

Business Team
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