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Gemma Levitas is a Coach, Mentor and registered Clinical Psychotherapist. Her former clinical work gives her a profound depth of understanding in the Psychology of Human Behaviour.


3 key areas in which Gemma works:

  • 1:1 coaching. Helping people to develop both personally and professionally.

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching. Helping Leaders take their effectiveness to the next level. Click here for more.

  • Career transitions. Coaching students, job changers and school leavers to transition confidently into a new working environment.

Gemma also delivers Talks, Workshops and short courses.

Click here for more.

Coaching for Effectiveness

There are loads of coaches out there, so why Gemma Levitas?


Because her combination of skills is rare and unique.  

Gemma's clinical experience gives her an edge over her competitors. She has a depth of understanding of human psychology and how the unconscious mind works, gained though years of clinical work. Gemma helps her clients get to the root of their challenges and move forward with increased effectiveness.

Gemma provides a safe, non-judgemental space in which to do this. Clients have the reassurance of knowing that they are working with a Coach with 10+ years of client experience.

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