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Thinking with a future focus

What we think about influences how we feel. How we feel influences everything we do, impacts on our daily lives and how we interect in our relationships, particularly if you suffer from anxiety and overthinking. If you find yourself thinking about things that make you feel unhappy, your bodily reaction is noticeable. You feel anxious, disturbed, fearful.

Exercise your brain as well as your muscle. Focus on what you want, the future. Think about what you wish for, what your dream future looks like, feels like, where it is, the noise and smells, how its shaped. What and who is involved, how you will make others feel, who those people are.

The more you think about what you want in your life, the more you embed those intentions, the more real they become and the more you will naturally work towards them. Your focus becomes your intent and your brain will help by making new connections and neural pathways to support your intentions. Focus on what you DO want, NOT what you don't. Pour your energy into re-imagining your future. Your brain will support it and your body will begin to feel it.

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